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International panel

The international panel of FEBA Annual Convention 2021 brought together representatives from the 3 major worldwide Food Banks’ networks the European Food Banks Federation, Feeding America and The Global FoodBanking Network together with representatives from CAF America and General Mills Foundation

The moderator addressed 3 questions to the speakers: 

  1. Looking back at 2020, what are the most important lessons learned, challenges and solutions that helped your organisation/your company to face this unexpected year? 
  2. What are the key aspects/elements that you see in the future of your organisation/your company?
  3. What message would you like to share as a contribution to the UN Food Systems Summit? 

Lars Battle

Director of Thought Leadership and Communication, CAF America

Jacques Vandenschrik

President, European Food Banks Federation

Paul Henrys

Chief Financial Officer, Feeding America

Lisa Moon

President and CEO, The Global FoodBanking Network

Nicola Dixon

Executive Director, General Mills Foundation

Closing remarks

During the closing remarks, Andriana Sukova, Deputy Director-General of DG Employment, shared with the audience very interesting insights to face future challenges. 

Thank you to all the participants and speakers that have lived and shared this FEBA Annual Convention 2021 with us. Special thanks to all our members for their daily commitment. In 2020 our members redistributed +12% of food to +34.7% of persons in need. The dialogue will continue and we are looking forward to feeding the UN Food Systems Summit with our contribution.