12 October 2022

Pre-event Tafel Deutschland e.V.

(Open only to Tafel Deutschland invitees)

13-14 October 2022

FEBA Annual Convention 2022

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The FEBA Annual Convention 2022 “Europe in crisis, Food Banks in action” is organised by the European Food Banks Federation in collaboration with Tafel Deutschland e.V. and will take place on 13-14 October 2022 in Berlin.

The effects of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the war in Ukraine have placed the global economy under tremendous strain. This three-fold crisis provoking crippling supply chains, skyrocketing inflation rates, and spiralling costs of living leads to food donation becoming a game changer and food security being increasingly fragile. In this difficult period FEBA Members continue to work facing the challenge not just to prevent good surplus food from becoming food waste but also to ensure its safe delivery and redistribution to charities helping people in need. During the 2 days of the Annual Convention, FEBA together with its members as well as external partners and stakeholders will share, discuss, and exchange best practices to alleviate the repercussions of the crisis and become more resilient to future shocks.

The FEBA Annual Convention will be preceded by a pre-event on 12 October organised by Tafel Deutschland e.V. only for their invitees.

DAY 1 - 13 October 2022

DAY 2 - 14 October 2022

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About the European Food Banks Federation

The European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is a European non-profit organisation and works in collaboration with 24 Full Members and 6 Associate Members in 30 European countries. Since 1986, FEBA’s mission has consisted in representing its membership at European and international level; supporting and strengthening Food Banks in Europe by providing training, sharing best practices and knowledge, establishing partnerships; and fostering the creation and development of new Food Banks. FEBA brings together a network of Food Banks which are committed to prevent food waste and to reduce food insecurity.

In 2021, the 341 Food Banks belonging to our membership redistributed 907,280 tonnes of food to 45,810 charitable organisations providing food assistance to 11.8 million most deprived people thanks to the professionalism of 39,781 co-workers (83% volunteers). In addition to surplus food from the food supply chain, FEBA Members also redistribute food from the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) and the EU Fruits and Vegetables withdrawal scheme, as well as from individual and corporate food collections.

About Tafel Deutschland e.V.

Tafel Deutschland e.V.’s main mission is saving food and helping people. Their more than 960 non-profit Food Banks and community pantries throughout Germany collect perfectly good surplus food from retailers and manufacturers and regularly redistribute it to more than 2 million people affected by poverty throughout the country. In doing so, they help bridge the gap between food waste on the one hand and poverty on the other. With around 60,000 volunteers involved at the local Tafel branches, the Food Banks are one of the largest socio-ecological movements in Germany. The Tafel are organised under the umbrella organisation Tafel Deutschland e.V.