Whilst we perform a key role in representing food assistance activity in the European Union environment, FEBA intends to stress the role of Food Banks in the food system and to consolidate this position with all stakeholders, including food industry, agriculture, public authorities, other NGOs eventually.

Jacques Vandenschrik

President, European Food Banks Federation

Born in Belgium, Jacques’ education was primarily oriented toward public Health. He started his career in Somalia working for the European Development Fund. He then assumed a hospital manager position at a local University Clinic in Belgium and after that, he led the Human Resources department of a large industrial group in South Africa. He finally founded his own business specialized in the development of antiseptics.

During the 25 years of his stay in South Africa, Jacques was the Honorary Consul of Belgium for the Eastern Cape. When he returned to Belgium in 2007, he took the helm of a local Food Bank and assumed the vice-presidency of the Belgian Food Banks Federation.

In 2015, he entered in the Board of Directors of the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA). Elected in May 2018, he is the current President of FEBA.