I think Food Banks have a vital role to play in diversifying the knowledge base that we need for food system transformation (…). We need to value experimental knowledge, embodied experience, and Food Banks have a lot to teach us all (…). We need Food Banks to tell us about those everyday forms of resistance to capture them, to share them, because for me they are at the core of any process of democratisation, especially in particular, the food system transformation.

Roberta Sonnino

Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, Cardiff University

Roberta Sonnino is a Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning in the School of Geography and Planning (Cardiff University, UK). Working across the research-policy interface with an expertise onfood security and food system governance, ProfessorSonninohas worked as an advisor for several national and international food policyorganisations, including FAO (as lead author of the 2019 Framework for the Urban Food Agenda) and the European Commission (as vice-Chair of FOOD2030 High-Level Expert Group and presently Rapporteur of the High-Level Group that is assessing the need for an International Platform on food Systems Science).