I am very glad to cooperate these Food Banks with their fantastic colleagues in the Czech Republic. And the activities are part of global activities under the United Nations umbrella, namely under the Sustainable Development Goals, by implementing their targets and activities.

Jindřich Fialka

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (section of Agriculture and Food Production)

Mr. Jindřich Fialka was born in Prague in 1974. After his graduation at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague in 2000 he joined the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. At the beginning of his professional career, Mr. Fialka was involved in the pre-accession process to the European Union in the field of agricultural trade and commodities. In 2003 he was appointed Head of international trade agreements division, responsible for the implementation of commitments arising from bilateral trade agreements, namely European Agreement and Central European Free Trade Agreement. In 2004 he was appointed Head of trade policy division, coordinating trade policy in agriculture in the context of the multilateral trade system, arising from the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement. In April 2005, the Czech Food Authority was established and as from July 2005, Mr. Fialka became Director of Food Production and Legislation. In March 2019 Mr. Fialka became Deputy Minister of Agriculture, responsible for Agriculture and Food production. 

Mr. Fialka coordinates major part of national activities in the area of foodstuffs and agricultural policy, in particular for drafting and implementing national legislation, policy development in the area of food production, sustainable development, risk management, development of food standards, national food quality schemes and  co-ordination of consumers protection within Ministry of Agriculture. Mr. Fialka has taken personal responsibility in activities relevant to agriculture, food safety and quality, serving as:

National Convenor for UN World Food Summit 2021;

Member of Central Crisis Staff;

Head of National Codex Alimentarius Committee;

Chairman of section on “Quality of Foodstuffs and Agricultural Products” within Czech Quality Board, established by the Government of the Czech Republic;

Chairman of National Food Quality evaluation commission;

Member of National Council for Sustainable Development;

Chairman of National Food Safety coordination group;

Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board within International Commodity Organization ICO based in London (2008-2009);

Chairman of the ICCO Council based in London (2009-2010).