Working Group Knowledge Sharing & Communication



Vivienne Lawflor

Director of Communications, FoodCloud

  • The need to appear in front of consumers, in order to elevate our “brands”
  • Visibility
  • Education
  • Brand awareness beyond the “national food collection days”
  • Balance/ positioning between hunger and waste
  • Messaging, offering a service vs. thanking food industry
  • Competition in the sector (noise of other charities/ NGOs)
  • How to break through the noise?
  • How to work with the impact messaging
  • Storytelling difficulties
  • Use the strength on our brands
  • Creative initiatives can bring you a lot of visibility
  • Being seen as equal partners
  • Being braver
  • Empathy as an important factor in fundraising
  • Possible FEBA support on creating space to share best practices about topics like: LinkedIn, Storytelling, Influencers etc.
  • Share knowledge
  • Keep conversation going
  • What are the needs of your specific community and how do you target them?
  • Spread unique message, with different nuances on for instance FOOD WASTE