Working Group Empowering collaboration



Bruce Learner


There is a huge appetite for sharing experiences and learning from others when it comes to working with the private sector.

Overall, there are some examples of collaboration which could be replicated relatively easily; others which may not be as immediately universal considering the technology implementation.

Sharing experiences and knowledge is essential for the improvement of FEBA network. 

These are the essential ingredients for a successful partnerships exercise:

  1. Communicate a clear vision, understanding objectivesand planning mutual beneficial activities;
  2. Demonstrate reliabilityand accountability;
  3. Emphasize the multilayeredand flexible approach to partnership offering opportunities for different types of engagement / focus;
  4. Cultivate strong personalrelationships with the partners and identify decisionmaker contacts (the relationship cannot be 100% dependent on them);
  5. Be open and honest about resources and capacity,planning the goals together with the partners and setting limits if needed.